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11423 Chicago Road
Warren, Michigan 48093


St. Peter’s Lutheran Church is a Lutheran Church in Southeast Michigan which is still keeping up their German heritage.

With this in mind the decision was made, that we should make an extra effort to celebrate the Anniversary of the Reformation, started by the Catholic Monk Martin Luther in Wittenberg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, 500 years ago.

We planned four events in celebration of this occasion, three will be held on Saturdays to give other Lutheran Churches the possibility to participate without cutting into their schedule(s), with the third of the four events on Reformation Sunday.

We hope, the combination of these events will show the community, that the actions Luther started way back are still in focus today. We are planning events for everyone; one for young and old, one to bring the reformation into perspective, we will nail the Theses on the church door and the last one will be dedicated to the music of and about Luther, from the 16th century to modern times.

September 9. with the reenactment of the wedding of Martin Luther to Katharina von Bora. We know that they were married in June, but due to circumstances beyond our control we will hold this event in September. For more information click here!

October 14. there will be an exhibit about the reformation. A lecture by Dr. Ken Grant about the how, the when and the why, spanning the time period of the early reformers, like Jan Hus, to the Thirty Year War, will start the evening.
We are planning a food and drink tasting afterwards, which will be as close to the time period as possible and will be a little different than what we expect of the food of the Renaissance. For more information click here!

October 29. before the service we will nail the 95 Theses on our church doors! After the service we will offer a noontime meal, which will be as authentic to the times as we can get it, while still satisfying our 21th century taste buds. We will also show a movie about Martin Luther in the afternoon. For more information click here!

November 4. will be a musical evening highlighting Luther’s music, the music of his time and also modern day music. Luther’s well documented quotes will be part of this evening, with refreshments afterwards. For more information click here!

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church is hosting these events to remind us the teachings of Martin Luther are still alive and well.